Support and FAQs of GreenTAN Election Strategy Consultancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is GreenTAN Election Strategy Consulting?

    GreenTAN Campaign Strategy Consulting (GESC) helps political candidates develop the vision, strategy and tactics for winning their campaigns. GESC believes that the mot important variable in a political campaign at any level in any jurisdiction in any country is the message. Other variables may come in to determine the winner, but only if none of the candidates has the right message.

  • q-iconI have already taken campaign training courses? Why do I need the GESC one?

    GESC is not a campaign training course. Yes, we conduct seminars to highlight the outline of the program, but GESC is essentially a hands-on practical guide to victory. Once you chose to work with us, we embed our consultation resources into your campaign policy and communication strategy and work with you to formulate a compelling vision, strategy and tactics. We are with you all the way to the election day—until all votes that can be cast are cast.

  • q-iconI am sure of winning my present contest as I am way ahead of my opponents in popularity. Why would I need Campaign Strategy Consulting?

    Yes, some candidates are either unopposed or are contesting in an area where some parties are so strong that winning the nomination is the same as winning the general election. In some cases, some candidates are just personally so popular that they are sure to beat their opponents no matter what. However, you may want to know that in every election since independence ,75% of Kenyan MPs lose their seats. Why? Because nearly all elected leaders in Kenya do not know how they can transform people’s lives. They make empty promises at election time, and after being elected, they have no idea how to solve the problems facing their constituents. So the newly elected official starts dodging the constituents as requests for help pile up. Within one year, their constituents are disillusioned. New opponents emerge, and guess what? In the the next election he/she is one of the 75% who gets thrown out. GESC teaches you not only how to win, but also how to serve. How to win and how to serve are one and the same message. It is because you would have learned how to serve –which is what makes the GESC message compelling- and why you win hands down.

    You election strategy is how you serve. If you win by dishing out money as the only determining criterion., then you will be expected to serve by dishing out money. And so many MP have been doing exactly that.

  • q-iconHow about if I already have a perfect message?

    There is no candidate with a perfect message.
    GESC message is powerful, original, transformational and almost impossible to rebut by opponents. It is unmatched by anything anywhere before or now.
    Wining the election is the beginning of your task. We will show you how to lead and transform your people’s lives. After you have known how to transform people’s lives, winning the election becomes a piece of cake.

    GESC is for those who want to bring fundamental change- and be transformational leaders.

    To be even mildly transformational, a leader must aggressively confront and challenge the idea that they are the bringers of development. The biggest mistake political candidates make is to think of development as something they can do. Development is not something you can do for the people. Development is what the people can do. You need to know what your role in it is. You are an organizer of development, not the bringer of development. If you can’t make the people see themselves as the bringers of development, you have failed. The people have failed. Even if you win the next election, it is just because your challengers are as clueless as you. And you are facing defeat in the next election. In the end, be it 5 years or 50 years as an elected official,you will have achieved nothing as a leader. A total leadership failure who nobody will remember.

    Is there time? Can I do this in 90 days?
    Not only is 90 days enough, having a sharp message in a short space of time is the only way forward.

    GESC becomes even more useful during general election. Unlike the nomination stage, the general election is far more challenging. There are fewer options for error, the voter target is larger, the time is short and finite, the resources needed are more, the voters are alert, the going is grueling and the challenge is stiff. You can’t take anything for granted. Yet this is the stage when many candidates go off script, i.e. strategy-less, because they are not sure what will work—there is not enough time to measure anything. What worked in the nomination may not work in the general –because the candidates are different. So what do many candidates do? They panic, and start striking out wildly, hoping they will land a few punches here ad there.

  • q-iconHow will GESC integrate their messaging with my Campaign?

    Once you come on board, GreenTAN will seek access to your electioneering communication and messaging information, we will (if you are interested):

    1. Evaluate your campaign organization with the view of determining its capacity, capability, efficiency and effectiveness.
    2. Evaluate your messaging information, and discuss with you by telephone/whatsapp or Skype, areas that need fine-tuning.
    3. Help you with strategies on how to effectively apply the money you have, and avoid post-election financial meltdown.
    4. Help you discover social connections you didn’t know existed and turn them into votes
    5. Re-word some of your messages accordingly, or replace areas that need replacing.
    6. Assign to you a PR professional, who will help you with online presence, drafting media releases, helping your team with social media messaging, mobile app integration, as well as fine-tuning your Rapid Response Team.
    7. Help you learn how to avoid bribing voters, and stay within the law.
    8. Work with you on your outreach strategies, data management, volunteer mobilization, field operations, and GOTV (Get Out The Vote) strategies.
    9. Work with you on automating your email communication with younger voters –all the way to election day.
    10. Have weekly two-hour strategy sessions to evaluate performance and progress in the previous week, discuss any unexpected developments or setbacks, and fine-tune goals for the coming week.
    11. Any other request.
  • q-iconWill you be helping my opponents at the same time as me?

    No, we approach only one candidate per constituency/ward at a time. We will bring on board only one candidate in any contest. The criteria is on first come first served basis. If you chose to work with us, then the contract we sign legally precludes us from working with your opponent or revealing our role in your campaign to anyone outside our organization. If you chose not to work with us, we will approach another candidate without ever mentioning our prior conversation with you.

  • q-iconHow About protecting the Secrecy and Confidentially of my information?

    GreenTAN is an international organization which has helped over 450 campaigns in over 12 countries. As a going concern, our growth, indeed our very survival, depends on our transparency, honesty, integrity and reputation. The confidentiality of your information is of utmost importance to us. Any information shared as well as the fact that we are working together is strictly between us and our clients.

    Regarding data integrity, we run our own server in Chicago, USA. We seriously guard against any data intrusion.